Immigrant Visa Lottery Program

American DV-2019 Green Card Lottery Program

Hurry and Apply! President Trump has indicated that he will attempt to dismantle the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program in light of the recent attack in New York on October 31, 2017.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program awards up to 50,000 individuals per year a visa for a Green Card, which bestows permanent residency in the US, and eventually may be a path to US citizenship. Visas are awarded by random selection to nationals of select countries to promote immigration from places that don't otherwise send many immigrants to the US.

The State Department has announced the Diversity Visa Lottery program is open for enrollment between October 18, 2017 and November 22, 2017. Any applications received before that period will be excluded from the system due to a technical glitch in the DOS system that has since been resolved.

For over 20 years we help many people successfully apply for green cards in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Because immigration is a federal policy we are able to help you regardless of where you live. It is very important that all your documentation and forms are correctly filled out and properly submitted. Our law office can help with this process. Call now 401-849-9950 to schedule an appointment. There is more information on the lottery program here:

For information on the President's announcement today, please click here.

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